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Dec 4, 2013 3:00pm PST
's pension benefits an cut those benefits, adopted a multimillion dollar tax cut for multinational corporation within that state. so the state is not impoverished. the state is choosing priorities that are different than the citizens have chosen by adopting a constitutional protection of pension benefits. >> woodruff: andrew biggs what about that, and what about the bigger picture here, that the blame, that if there is going to be pain, the pain should be spread, that it shouldn't be mainly or even in large part these people who have worked so hard for these cities. >> uh-huh. i suspect in the case of detroit, it's not going to be mainly or in large part on the pensioners, it going to be mostly on the bondholders who are going to get hit much more. i mean steve is right when he cites the average benefits people receive from pensions. that includes a lot of people who spent a few years in public employment and are getting very small benefits. if you are somebody who spent a full career working for the city of detroit, you would retire with a benefit equal of around two-thirds your f
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am EST
the discussion over the past five years. hikes.looking at tax they are also not looking at significant cuts to medicare, security,or social which are areas republicans say needs to be done. instead we are looking at pretty small things and haggling over whether to have federal employees attribute more to their retirement -- employees contribute more to their retirement plans. thingse also looking at -- a spectrum that is going to be sold to telephone companies. they are looking at a small budget deal that would replace some of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that were launched in 2011 as part of a but -- part of a different budget process. like can't there right now? why can't there be a grand bargain right now? caller: because republicans and democrats can't agree. all ryan, the chairman of the budget committee, and patty murray decided they were not going to go after the towels of the other party and just try to get something that was possible -- after all these failed budget agreements in the past, look we are not even going to go there this time. we are going to go for someth
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
of child pornography. the lock in some instances require you to file an income tax return. mr. lazarus, is the chief executive constitution capable of ignoring both categories of long? >> well, as i said several times, congressman gowdy, the president cannot refuse to apply or enforce the law for policy reasons. >> well, let's analyze that for a second. congress decided in its collective wisdom that if you possess xml at a controlled stuff as you're going to get x. amount of time in prison. you may like mandatoriness. you may not like them. this administration summarily dispensed with that law. so my question to you again is can the chief executive failed to enforce categories of laws that are both permissive and mandatory. >> it is well-established that the executive branch has prosecutorial discretion. that's a decline in force spendt what are those limits of? >> very frankly, i'm not an expert on that. >> let me ask you this. can the president -- lets us in a statute required you to show two pieces of identification to purchase a farm. can the chief executive knock that down to one?
Dec 4, 2013 7:00am EST
insurance at a reasonable cost through choice and competition on this marketplace and tax credits that you may be eligible for that can save you hundreds of dollars in premium costs month potentially. to -- now that we are getting the technology fixed ande need you to go back take a look at what is actually going on. it can make a difference in your lives and the lives of your families. the president yesterday as onlaunches the second act, encouraging people to go to the website and try again. the washington times this -- the president leader and chief on obamacare. -- salesman -- cheerleader in chief for obamacare. democrats and the president are expected to have a coordinated effort in pushing --e is a congressman's tweet what do you think about the rollout of enter the president fire somebody? betty in albuquerque, new mexico. democrat. thank you for accepting my call. this particular congress that we now -- i believe the th -- hasnd 12 -- 112 title of the greatest do-nothing congress in the history of the united states. they have been held
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 10:00pm EST
the state to collect sales tax on outer state companies. are higher bills ahead and are the justices a group of grinches. what do black friday and cyber monday say about the state of the economy. let's nask "fortune" magazine claire zillman about this. what does this mean for online shopping. will it make it expensive in the future? >> it's evolving. the supreme court decided not to take up this decision. it backs on to a 1992 supreme court which is out of date, dealing with a catalogue merchant. the most notable decision is a 2008 law by new york state alog the state to collect sales taxes through online retailers even if they didn't have a physical presence in that state, in new york. >> there could be federal law passed. the senate and the house are looking at a lou deciding whether companies could be taxed. >> in not taking up the issue, it sort of looks like the supreme court deferred to congress, and the senate this past spring passed a bill in line with the new york law allowing states to collect through retailers without a physical presence. >> that will be a big hit for consumers. i
Dec 9, 2013 2:00pm EST
. be the grandt lastin that dominated the three or four or five years. they're looking at any tax hikes that have been demanded by democrats. we are looking at tax hikes. they are also not looking at significant cuts to medicare, medicaid, or social security, which are areas republicans say needs to be done. instead we are looking at pretty small things and haggling over whether to have federal employees attribute more to their retirement -- employees contribute more to their retirement plans. they are also looking at things a spectrum that is going to be sold to telephone companies. they are looking at a small budget deal that would replace some of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that were launched in 2011 as part of a but -- part of a different budget process. host: like can't there right now? caller: --host: why can't there be a grand bargain right now? caller: because republicans and democrats can't agree. all ryan, the chairman of the budget committee, and patty murray decided they were not going to go after the towels of the other party and just try to get something that was poss
Dec 7, 2013 2:00pm EST
used for qualified planned rules are overly complex and understood only by a limited number of tax professionals. a small business can not apply to them without professional help. it is a small set of professionals that deal with these rules and these rules are only going to apply to businesses for a few years. for that reason, facts and circumstances -- based on who controls day-to-day business is a much more logical rule in the statute or committee reports could list characteristics of management control and taxpayers would be able to make a judgment. -- a judgment as to whether they did --what constitutes what constitutes the employer for purposes. >> thank you, ms. walker. i would like to yield to the ranking member to introduce our last member. >> it is my pleasure to -- she serves at the hub for international insurance services. she provides compliance and consulting services regarding health plans and other employee benefits. regarding health plans and other employee benefits. in insurance by business insurance and was selected as one of the 25 most influential businesswomen
FOX News
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
handouts. he said lower the tax rate dramatically, 5% corporate and individual tax rate. school choice, education tax credits. various provisions to make it easier for people to invest in the inner city. he said, look, we tried government solutions. they haven't worked. so let's try market-based solutions, and that's his answer to a lot of these issues. i have to tell you, a steep road they have to climb. in detroit, for instance, in 2012, obama got 97% of the vote. mitt romney, 2%. >> does he actually believe the unemployment number? you know, there's been some speculation that it doesn't really accurately reflect what the situation is in our country? >> well, he points out the fact that for blacks, the unemployment rate is roughly double what it is for whites. and you know, regardless of what the statistics are, he understands there's a serious unemployment problem around the country but especially with minorities in the inner cities. he's saying that the typical liberal democratic solution is not the right way to go, that you need to go market-based and try something else because th
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
by some now is not the time to raise taxes, yet the house budget cannot produce spending bills from the appropriations committee that can actually pass on the house floor. in some cases, they appear to not even be able to pass from subcommittee. all the while we're looking at a sea of unmet needs and face a floundering economy. there is one area that can help break the logjam, not solve all our problems, certainly, but help us significantly along the way. congress should address the critical needs of our nation's infrastructure deficit. roads, bridges, transit systems are all increasingly at risk. we are facing an inadequate state of repair, construction of new facilities are on hold and we are losing ground in meeting our own needs, let alone the challenges of global competition. yet, this challenge is an opportunity for some potential progress. we know what to do to meet this challenge. we can write a new transportation bill that will meet today's needs. it just needs more money. there is a vast coalition that supports additional resources for infrastructure. the so-called special
Dec 8, 2013 8:00am PST
that is called mandatory spending. keep the budget caps in place. not raise taxes. which is important in the weak economy. and actually avoid a government shutdown. i'm hopeful by the end of the week we can come together and achieve it. >> one of the sticking points, the extension of the unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed. senator durbin, nancy pelosi saying there is no deal without having those benefits extended. are the democrats united on that? no extension, no deal? >> i don't think we have reached the point where we have said this is it, take it or leaf it. i spoke to patty murray the other night. negotiations are moving in the right direction. making progress. they haven't closed the deal. but i certainly hope as part of it, the negotiators will take to heart what the president had to say. there are working families across america that are struggling. there are unemployed families that need a helping hand. we have to protect and preserve the safety net in america and give these working families a fighting chance. >> can the republicans live with that? can you get an extensio
Dec 5, 2013 3:00am PST
'll implement any of the policies he's talked about, raising the minimum wage, whether he's going to limit tax breaks for the rich, that, of course, is policy will be a lot harder for him to actually do. >> but he had to do that. you had a report coming out showing that income disparity had gotten much worse since 2009 and shows that this is not just a republican issue or a democratic issue, it's an ongoing crisis. >> social mobility is a concern. social mobility in america is lower than in europe. is that the way americans think of themselves they have lower social mobility than in the country you threw over and threw off because we had -- i don't think it feels that -- that's not what americans feel. >> it's counter intuitive. i grew up hearing british people and french people coming to this country, we're coming here because we feel we're so chained down by class structure and all of these obstacles. in america you can come here and be anything you want to be. that's what i heard. >> it's harder. >> it's getting harder. >> i do think that's a problem. it's also the whole discussion about mi
Dec 4, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> they have to cut some deals. sears was a big -- >> right. but the tax revenues, whatever you get there, you're probably losing it as people leave unless you do something this. don't get me started. >> well, the governor said even though the senate passed it, the house -- >> they didn't have an auto industry or a bailout in illinois. that's purely just mismanagement of the whole pension situation. >> but it's failing to put the money in they've promised he year. there's a lot of states that promise these things and -- is. >> the whole detroit thing we'll talk about. it's a tough one because on the nightly news you'll see every retiree. they'll say, if a dollar is cut out of my pension -- >> and by the way, tier not making massive pensions. >> i know that. but right now, there's no city services. >> and detroit is a unique situation because you have seen a loss of the people living there. you can no longer support the infrastructure that was there for 1.5 million people when you see the numbers decline. >> and the journal has a piece and it sounds cold and heartless, but if public unions are
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 1:00am EST
education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america power of the people until we restore >> evey sunday night, join us for exclusive, revealing, and suprizing talks with the most interesting people of our time. next sunday, >> i spent my whole life thinking about themes and thinking about how to structure movies, so this is highly unusual. >> the director of the sixth sense, says there are five things we can do to fix education in america >> the united states has education apartheid, that's the facts... >> talk to al jazeera with m. night shayamalan next sunday at 7et / 4pt
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
bargain -- >> it will not be the grand bargain. they will be looking at tax hikes, but not looking at significant cuts to medicare, medicaid, or for social security, which are areas republicans say need something to be done. they are looking at a pretty small thing, over whether to have a federal employees contribute more to their retirement plans. democrats are trying to keep them lower than republicans. getting looking at funds by selling a spectrum that will be sold to telephone companies. they are looking at a small touch deal that would replace some of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that were launched in 2011. that was part of a different edge process. host: why can't there be such an desk something like a grand bargain? guest: the two parties can agree. are not willing to cut medicaid, and republicans are not willing to do tax hikes. paul ryan and patty murray basically decided that they were not going to go after the sacred cow of the other party. they were just going to it something that was possible, and they decided by looking at all these failed attempts in t
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
prominent taxes were slashed for the wealthiest while investments, things that made us all richer like schools and infrastructure, were allowed to wither. and for certain period of time time we could ignore this weakening economic foundation in part because more families were relying on two earners as women enter the workforce. we took on more debt financed by a juiced up housing market but when the music stopped and the crisis hit, millions of families were stripped of whatever cushion they had left. and the result is an economy that has become her family on equal and families that are more insecure. i will just give you a few statistics. since 1979 when i graduated from high school, our productivity was up to more than 90%. but the income of the typical family has increased by less than 8%. since 1979 our economy has more than doubled in size but most of that growth has been flowing to a fortunate few. the top 10% no longer takes in one third of our income. it now takes half whereas in the past the average ceo made about 20 to 30 times the income of the average worker, today's ceos n
Dec 4, 2013 10:00am EST
decline. the gas tax has not been increased since the clinton administration 20 years ago. the future prospects are even worse. demands are increasing and deferred maintenance takes its toll while we watch the bottom fall out of the highway trust fund. we've seen a slowdown in revenue due to the near collapse of the economy, a shift in driving patterns while people, especially young people, drive less and improved fuel efficiency. it's scheduled to improve -- further reduce gascon sumpings dramatically with -- reduce gas consumption dramatically with plug in hybrid vehicles. it's time for congress to act. we've seen our partners at the state level increase transportation level in 13 states, but they need congress to act to maintain that partnership. there's a large coalition that stands ready to support congress. the u.s. chamber, the national afl-cio, building trades, trucking industry, numerous associations of small and medium-sized businesses, local chambers of commerce, local government, professional organizations, bicyclists,. the coalition is broad and persuasive, requesting con
Dec 6, 2013 4:00pm EST
levels and maybe even the year after that. revenue that are not new taxes. we will see discussions about moving forward to get them over the last little bit. pelosi is insisting unemployment benefits need to be part of the discussion. >> the extension has allowed people to receive benefits for 18 months and expires the week after christmas. pelosi wanted to see that extended another year. it is pressing very hard for . speaker boehner has left the door open and said he would be open to having another extension. there are no real repercussions immediately. they will have defined some other way to keep government funded. they could reach a deal next week, like a race between the farm bill and a budget committee and conference committee trying to get something done. it will take a lot to bring people together to try to find the votes necessary to pass it. >> just before the thanksgiving break, the senate was working on the defense authorization bill. our those going? >> they thought they were going to vote in the senate. it could drag into the new year. >> with the filibuster rules changed
Dec 9, 2013 10:00am EST
dominated discussions. negotiators are looking at any tax hikes. they're also not looking at significant cuts to medicare, medicaid or social security. instead of looking at small is more to their retirement plans. they're trying to keep that a bit lower. they're also looking at funds by selling a spectrum. looking at a small budget deal. this is part of a different budget process. >> why can there be something like a grand bargain right now? democrats are not willing to do any kind of medicare and medicaid. republicans are not willing to do any tax hikes. ryan and patty murray basically decided that they were not going to go after the sacred cow of the other party. they are trying to get something that was possible. we are not even going to go there this time. host: talking with ian swanson of "the hill." even if there is a agreement made this week, there will be a budget battle for 2014. caller: one thing this he'll will not do is raise the debt ceiling. at some point next year they are going to have to do that. it is a little difficult to forecast exactly one that is going to be. in p
Dec 7, 2013 1:00pm PST
the first time. that is more like it. how are you with taxes? [ laughs ] [ counselor ] and for even more cleaning power, try cascade platinum. >>> while most of the right wing spent a few days whitewashing past attacks on nelson mandela a fox host remained consistent in his attacks. take a listen. >> he was a communist, this man. >> yeah. >> he was a communist. all right? but he was a great man. what he did for his people was stunning. the sacrifices that he made, he could have repudiated and got of that prison. he wouldn't do it. he was a great man. but he was a communist. so, but i would never attack nelson mandela. >> actually, billy o., you just did. here's a few facts. it is a fact that nelson mandela was not a communist. it's also a fact that mandela's african national congress is a separate political party from the communist party in south africa. but it's also a fact as president mandela pointed out, quote, for many decades communists were the only political group in south africa who were prepared to treat africans as human beings and their equals who were prepared to eat with us
Dec 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
the entire financial system or leave taxpayers at risk. dodd-frank prohibits the use of tax dollars. useequires that we will and the tools that the law provides. the largest financial companies have already submitted living wills or blueprints for how to unwind firms if they fail. regulators will require firms to rework these plans if they are not credible. if firms are not able to provide a credible plan, regulators can impose remedies, including requiring firms to divest or realign their businesses. -- realtors have ade clear -- and they are continuing to develop strategies and guidance for resolving major institutions with minimum disruption to the financial system. there is still more work to do, particularly to make sure that international rules mess with our own sins, as we know too well, financial crises do not respect national borders. while we will not know how well these tools work for certain until they are tested by a true crisis, several things are clear. dodd-frank ended too big to fail as a matter of law. tough rules are now in place to make sure that banks have the c
Dec 5, 2013 10:30am PST
about the fear that they too had as a tax on the christian community in sight so that its contents. the news media allegedly showing another rev an attack on a christian site in syria. this is the nineteenth. also don't want extreme need damascus steel position justified do so with claims the government raceway using it as a firing position inside the rebel within reach of our eyes on the scientists of all people would report to the lead in the attack on fees kevin and inside was an anglican priest from syria he says christians are being used to scan and for that. in the conflict thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands wealth of christians where displaced from their homes. and the local full of christians with guilt which we hopped on the shelves. missing from my home and hope we don't know anything about them. now one of the attack on the island the christian community in cabo. the world is watching river did it because the christians in syria have been specifically targeted old just for the getting caught up and avoid the conflict was the big chair. i think the rba fuel was
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
to the christian quartet showed me a mountain found in texas and spoke about the fear that they too had as a tax on the christian community in sight so that is today. when he is the video allegedly showing another rebel attack on a christian site in syria to this dimensional filled moments treated damascus the opposition justify the assault would play with the government to be using his firing positions over the rebels unleashed in the trunk of the site several people reportedly wounded in the attack us but the priest of the canapes from syria he told me that christians are being used as common foe that as this complete goes on. thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands wealth of christians where displaced from their homes. and look both of christians with guilt which we hopped on the shelves. missing from last fall when the call. we don't know anything about them. the rba's view was by both sides as has the political comment because the leak of an aging. no one was also two feet to push all that they are protecting the minority especially the christians and now they are begging for for the
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm EST
will push a lot of this is that we're very dependent on property taxes in connecticut to support education. so beyond the education cost sharing dollars that the state distributes, everything else is basically tried to local property taxes. well, those base aren't growing anymore. so seem are actually being force -- so people are actually being forced to find ways to save money and to work together. and i think the folks that will lead this discussion are actually in the communities right now looking at how do you continue to support education when you're ground list isn't growing? it's going to drive some innovation. >> and as far as funding for education in connecticut, over say the next five years, does it look like it's going to be flat? it's going to be down? is it going to be up? >> i think that it's a little early to tell. you know, this has been the slowest recovery from a recession in the post-world war ii era. and i'm visiting you here in washington, but the folks in washington seem to put the brakes on the economy every six months or so, right? or even more often than that. so,
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 1:00pm EST
? >>> taxing online sales. the supreme court has its say. >>> federal investigators are now looking at the black boxes of a train that derailed in new york city on sunday. they want to know what caused
Al Jazeera America
Dec 4, 2013 1:00am EST
like we are drugged. we don't care, we don't know. through higher premiums and taxes. at the time we are receiving care, we have this illusion that someone else is paying for t even if we try, do a diligent job of trying to understand what things cost, we get these incomprehensible. >> you have been out spoken on how it is the biggest driver of rising healthcareh health insurance premiums but the outrageous costs have been known for years. so why hasn't the outrage over this taken us anywhere? >> it's hard to understand. we used to -- we used to say that healthcare costs couldn't rise above 10% of gdp. people would be outraged. now, it's about 18% and seems like it's just going higher. i really think that the fundamental issue is that really, people have believed that someone else is paying for their healthcare raernling themselves. this is the great illusion of healthcare, that we are not paying for it. >> is that illusion going to get worse under alabamacare? the president is making a renewed push and stressing costs. say. >> the website is working for the vast majority of people.
FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
taxes and regulations. so a lot of division in washington, a lot of back and forth. that's just part of life here. but certainly the insurance industry will benefit. >> doesn't fact the vast majority of white house get our health insurance appance from our employers, but other people are not affect -- for everybody else, go out and check it out yourself. don't listen to the narrative on either side. find out how it affects you and your family. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the los angeles county coroner's office reports it will soon release the results of an autopsy on actor paul walker. in fact we could get it as early as today. paul walker died saturday when a porsche in which he was riding crashed into a tree in los angeles and burst into name investigators have said all along that speed was indeed a factor. medical examiners say paul walker runs body, along with the driver's body, are unidentifiable. they're reportedly waiting for paul walker's dental records to normally identify his remains. >> the engineer in this week's deadly commuter train crash in new york city is n
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
side. you can reform the tax system and blame what you don't like on the other side. but i prefer doing things and blame it on the other side. thank you. >>> up next, the latest from republicans. president obama is anti-catholic, they say. never stops. this has to do with real estate, by the way. not religion. this is "hardball," the place for politics. >>> democrats are fighting back against another round of strict new voting restrictions. this time in ohio. u.s. congresswoman marsha fudge says the effort to cut down on early voting days and same-day registration to make voters show photo i.d.s is to suppress votes of african-americans and other minorities. we've seen it in state after state, in 36 states in all just this year. where republicans want to make it harder for minorities, students, and elderly people to vote especially in cities where people tend to be democrats. make it harder to cast ballots. simple, huh? and we'll be right back. >>> we're back. you can call it obama derangement system. the diplomatic edition. first the state department decided to move its embassy to the
Al Jazeera America
Dec 5, 2013 6:00am EST
negotiations over a salary increase broke down. in argentine the government collects taxes and distributes to the opposition. it is collected by of the opposition, cristina fernandez de kirchner is accused of tolding the funds back. >> the arrival of argentine president cristina fernandez de kirchner had complained that her government denied appeals for reinforcements. and accused cristina fernandez de kirchner of shortchanging provinces. >> translation: there exists autonomy. public security is one of these. the matter has to do with salaries. >> the governor claimed the police walked off the jobs in retaliation for his decision to shut down more than 100 brothels paying off corrupt officers. the police began returning to work after they were offered salary increases and bonuses making then the best paid in the country. >> i want to tell the people that from this moment the police force returns to the service of the people of kordova. >> the governor vowed to travel to the capital to depend they stop playing politics with his money. >> the provincial grandfather ner blamed the violence. a
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am EST
the one that best represents you. we take a look at tax rates. it is congress that appears to allow a certain batch of temporary tax breaks to last at the end of 2013. ray from oklahoma city oklahoma, you are up next. are you there? good morning, you are on. i was calling about -- our man is going to make mistakes. the problem with the world, it does not have anything to do with obama. we have taken god out of everything he is doing. the next thing, minimum wage. i talked to a lot of people atut minimum wage at 7:25 -- $7.25 an hour. people say if you raise minimum wage, the influence will go up. everything else is already going up except minimum wage. years taken almost four to get it to seven dollars $.25. i am 61 years old, i am retired, and i have four kids. i have kids working for memo wage. they got student loans to pay back. journal"ll street talking about unemployment benefits in several stories, set to expire on september 28. several democrats are pushing for a vote to extend the benefits. house democrats propose renewing the program for $25 billion but have no way to offse
Dec 8, 2013 1:05pm EST
to provide refundable tax credits and extend unemployment benefits. today we hear from a panel who will explain exactly how unemployment insurance benefits families and the american economy and why it is imperative for this congress to move and act before the year ends. thank you, madam leader. >> we'll go to introduction of the witnesses. mr. laurel and i are going to share. i'll start with ms. owens who has been the executive director of the national employment law project since january of 2008, and she's seen the efforts that that institution oversee the effects of the great recession. she's worked at the afl-cio, focused on minimum wage, living wage hikes, pay equity for women, many issues we're pursuing around this country. ms. owens we welcome you. we want to introduce each witness first or have them testify one at a time? >> okay. we'd ask you to make your statement brief so we can get to all witnesses. >> thank you so much. we appreciate the committee holding this important hearing today on what is an urgent matter for millions of americans who will lose their unemployment
Dec 2, 2013 3:00am PST
're going to say wait a second i'm paying higher taxes than anybody in the country other than california. this is like education, this is like health care. it's not that we don't spend enough money because we spend more money per pupil and per patient than any other country on the planet and we spend a lot of money on transportation. why aren't we getting the transportation we deserve from our government? >> well, first of all, joe, stimulus failed for two reasons. one, the percentage of money on stimulus and steve can give you the exact percentage it was very low. barbara boxer and jim inhofe tried to triple the money spent on stimulus and it was beaten back. secondly it was a two year program. you can't repair the infrastructure by patching it up for a year or two. we need a ten year infrastructure revilization program. if we did it and did i want at the right levels we could create four to five million well paying american jobs that couldn't be outsourced. we could bring back american manufacturing. there's some things that could be done by an infrastructure investment program but it
Dec 9, 2013 1:50am EST
billions in tax dollars to faith-based centers of right wing political power. or the global gag rule that deprived poor countries of u.s. foreign aid if they offered any information about abortion, even with their own funds. or even with corporate profiteering and privatized wars abroad as well as privatized prison at home. prisons we do not need but state legislatures vote and they are run by corporations, or a higher percentage of the u.s. population in prison as a result than in any other country in the world. ceo's whose salary rose from 30 times that of the average worker before the right-wing backlash took over washington to an average of 8000 times, or an unregulated financial industry that led to worldwide economic meltdown or an even greater polarization of people and nations into rich and poor, or the turning of terrorism from a cause for global unity into a cause for deeper global division. and so, so much more. so each of us is the nail, and each of us can win the battle. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. [cheers] our next speaker has been the top of the ticket the firs
FOX News
Dec 8, 2013 3:00am PST
taxes. >> it breaks it down, the sort of back and forth. it seems to be that rangle is, as they describe it, old school. he's been there for 44 years, harlem congressman. he does it old school and he has seen president obama as an up start, a beginner. he famously backed hillary clinton. and then of course when he was elected, brought na office. charlie rangel thought he would have access to the white house as chairman of the house ways and means committee. he didn't get access. >> and who did? >> al sharpton. that's who they went with for their community outreach. they went with al sharpton over charlie rangel. charlie rangel has been pretty honest about the failures of obama care. the real difference is style. charlie rangel likes other people. he is a warm person. spend an afternoon with charlie rangel. he exsuds an affection for other human beings. that is wholly absent from president obama. name five people close to him? they don't exist. you can name 500 for charlie rangel. >> remember the picture of him on the beach in the dominican republic. he evaded taxes on the cottage. the pr
Dec 3, 2013 7:00am EST
weighing is whether to tax financial transactions. it does not have a lot of support, so i do not see that happening anytime soon. europe is a little bit different, they have actually imposed some trading taxes, which has been to the chagrin of the banks. host: peter, on the republican line/ . caller: let's get the history state on what happened during the financial crisis. during the 1990s there was a lot of pressure by the minority groups to increase the amount of affordable housing. so the clinton administration developed the public private partnership to get banks to create more loads for low income people. that calls --was caused a mandate on fannie and freddie to purchase subprime mortgages. they had increased the mandate 110% to 55% of her juices of sub i mortgages. -- purchases of subprime mortgages. he continued that public-private partnership that clinton had , upblished the which after to 2007 and 2008, the number of those mortgages were so great that caused the financial collapse. the government gave the green light to wall street, wall street keeps getting the lane for wh
Dec 6, 2013 3:00am PST
that were in south africa, they paid their taxes to south africa and they deduct it from their tax liability here. we set that it was no deduction. we signed that as an effort to stop apartheid. and it passed. and i never thought i would ever see nelson mandela. when i saw him and people introduced me, he says, yes, i know him. they were trying to push me, saying he had the wrangle amendment, you know. and he says, oh, no, not the wrangle amendment. i thought, my god, here we go. he says, no, the white south africans call that the bloody wrangle amendment. and he said, i would suggest you get a -- >> there's that sense of humor. >> yes. he was a big giant. he was so warm, like a bear that would hug you and you fell apart no matter who you were or where you were. >> congressman, we have to say thank you for sharing these very personal stories of your time with nelson mandela. donna brazile, thank you as well, john king with wonderful mementos from that time as well. thank you to the three of you for sharing these significant memories you have of a great leader. >> fun to celebrate that life.
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm EST
education programs, loans, grants, tax benefits outside the pell grant. let states do what they think is best in order achieve the type of outcome they have in indiana. imagine being able to stay to an eighth grade student. it you are responsible and work hard in high school. we'll guarantee you can go to a four--- a college public college of your choice within the your state at very least without incurring any new debt. that type of promise is possible. students who have the talent, desire, and drive to pursue the post secondary education should be able to do so without being hindered by the ability to pay. i think it's right today. thank you. recognized for five minutes. >> i am pleased to be here today to present this testimony on behalf of my institution. on behalf of the 17 -- and the nearly 6,000 pell grant recipients we're currently serving, we are happy to engage with the committee on how we can improve the pell grant program especially in the area of increased flexibility for nontraditional students encouraging completion, defining an identifying the neediest students, and el
Dec 5, 2013 9:00am EST
and entrepreneurs, and have essentially a tax across our entire economy on innovation and job growth. i strongly encourage my colleagues to support this bill and appreciation -- appreciate the good work of representative goodlatte and lofgren in bringing this bill to us to the floor today. i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman from colorado yields back. the gentleman from michigan is recognized. mr. conyers: we are ready to close on this side. mr. goodlatte: at this time, madam chairman, it is my pleasure to yield 1 additional minute to the gentleman from utah, mr. chaffetz. the chair: the gentleman from utah is recognized for one minute. mr. chaffetz: thank you. i thank chairman goodlatte. i thank members on both sides of the aisle for working on this. the 112th congress, i worked closely with congressman defazio on the shield act. but a much better bill is before us today. i want people to understand the gravity of the problem and who is also being attacked. i find this fascinating. 55%, 55% of troll suits involve companies with annual revenues of $10 million or less. y
Dec 6, 2013 10:00am EST
to districts you must implement. but new york state has been through a tax cap. a lot of other budget cuts. the things that teachers actually need to do, work together, use the standard as a guideline not as a straitjacket, have curriculum, method not happen. in a couple places it did, in a lot of places it did not. the big mistake that both the federal government made and and other people like king made is the level of testing -- king would say to you, i was sick and tired of telling people what to do and then not doing it. that is not your job to tell people what to do. your job is to help navigate people through this again actual ship. consequently, last year in new york, there were in elementary schools these tests. a lot of people were not prepared. john king and meryl tisch said the test results would be 30% less next year than they were right now. the question is -- how did they actually know the exact number? it creates huge distrust. you can actually figure out what the cut scores were and how to align it. between the lack of preparation for teachers, the lack of communication wit
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 6:00am EST
to get people signed up. >> that's when they might face the tax penalty. california is seeing early success. can that be replicated? >> we are seeing variation amongment states. there are 36 states that rely on the federal gough for all of these states doing their own exchanges, and some states have been very smart reaching out to young people, trying different techniques. that is starting to pay dividends. i think we're going to watch closely to see which states are winners and which are losers as this rolls out. hopefully, we can do everything we can to make sure that young people in all the states see the benefits. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> despite deep discounts and longer store hours, holiday sales slumped, the decline the first since 2009. spending in stores and on line fell from last year. purchases in stores fell by 9%. about 141 million americans shopped in-stores or on line in the four day span. spending on line today is expected to smash records, though. that's even though many americans will be on the job. it's cyber monday, of course. a s
Dec 3, 2013 4:00pm EST
doing that with respect to a number of higher education programs, loans, grants, tax benefits outside of the program. outside of the unsubsidized ones delivering that money to the states, then what's the states do what they think is best in order to achieve the type of outcome that they have in indiana. imagine being able to say to an eighth-grade student if you work hard in high school would guarantee that you can go to a four year -- you can go to a college -- you can go to a public college of your choice with your state at the very least without incurring any new debt. that type of promise as possible. students that have the talent and the desire to drive the postsecondary education should be able to do so without being hindered by the inability to pay. that was the vision 40 years ago. i still think that it's right to do. >> thank you mr. dannenberg. mr. heath coming you are recognized for five minutes. >> chairwoman fox, ranking member hinojosa and members of the committee. i'm pleased to be here today to present his testimony on behalf of my institution. on behalf of the 17 prof
Dec 6, 2013 10:00pm EST
as other revenue increases that aren't new taxes. con for instance report come out the next week. right now that's being included in the bucket deal. he's pressing very hard for it to be. or in a separate piece of legislation. speaker boehner left the door open. he would be open to having another extension. at this point they haven't figured out how they get it done or if it will get down. >> what happens if they can't reach a budget agreement before the break? >> there's no real repurr indication immediately. as well as leadership and maybe even the white house. >> we know they have been working on the farm bill. can we expect to see both on that next week? >> it will be unlikely to see that. they are trying to come back together. it could reach a deal next week. it's like a link between the farm bill and the budget committee conference committees. trying to get something done. but a deal is going to take a long of bringing people together. a lot of working to try to find the votes necessary to pass it. and whether or not they vote on it next week is unclear. >> just before the thanksgivin
Dec 9, 2013 8:30am EST
not govern as a conservative in his eight years in florida. once again, he didn't raise taxes once. so i think he would be a terrific candidate, and i think, i think he is seriously thinking about it. i think he is intrigued about. he's thinking about it. he's a very self disciplined guy. so i don't think you're going -- i don't think he is going to sears to think about it and make a decision until next year, next summer, maybe a little bit later than that. around next summer. i would love to see his voice in the debate, the part of it just because i think he brings so much to the table, and because he's not going to be afraid to say what he feels he needs to stay. -- >> we will leave this program at this point a go live to london as british prime minister david cameron and members of the house of commons are giving tribute to former south african president nelson mandela. he passed away last thursday at the age of 95. mr. mandela serve as south africa's first black president from 1994 to 1999. he spent 27 youth in prison before he was elected president. >> the house will wish to know ho
Dec 5, 2013 7:00am PST
, you and your family will never pay taxes. we'll have more from the orange room in a bit. good to be back, guys. >> there has just been a lawsuit filed in that story. >> you think she's so cute. >> good to have you back. >>> coming up, production on the next "fast & furious" shut down indefinitely as former cast mates release an online tribute to the fallen star. >>> back on skis, exclusive videos. lindsay vonn returning to the slopes a couple weeks after yet [ female announcer ] dove invited women to test their body washes with paper that reacts like skin. if others can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] dove is different. its breakthrough formula changes everything. dove. this is care. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth. it's durable. and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to bounty duratowel. abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spread
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